Senn´s Wonder Walking Trail

Senn´s Wonder Walking Trail in St. Anton am Arlberg

Energy source and new herb guide
The biggest edelweiss in the Alps
Recharge flagging energy levels in the middle of a giant edelweiss flower? This is no fantasy, but indeed possible in St. Anton am Arlberg. Right next to the Senn Hut, where the Wonder Walking Trail begins, a recognised energy site with over 20,000 edelweiss will grow as from July – in the form, namely, of one gigantic flower. Wooden energy loungers will be placed in its midst for people to relax. The edelweiss has always been considered to be a powerful symbol in the Alpine region: it is also a token of true love when plucked by a man from a steep rock face for his sweetheart. Women, on the other hand, treasure them secretly for their anti.-aging and healing effects

You can find out about these things and more at the lovingly restored Edelweiss-Barn. Next door, you can sample some “May drink” with the Senn family, an elixir made according to a special recipe from Hildegard von Bingen and called “Master draught for curing all fatigue“ – by the herb expert. The trained herbalist from the Senn Hut shows you how it is made during her new guided tour, where those interested can find out more about Hilda’s teachings and applications. On request, she can also expertly process herbs into syrup, smoothies or herbal balm. Furthermore, the weekly programme includes „herb bread baking“, „healthy Kneipp foot baths“ or a tour of the Alpine flower and herb garden. By then you will realise: there is a herb for every ailment.
Senn’s Wonder Walking Trail around the Senn Hut in St. Anton am Arlberg is a popular day trip destination for the whole family. Whilst there, visitors may want to find out what grows in the “drunken” forest, how much saliva does a cow produce in one day, or what does a gummy bear plant look like? Visitors will find the answers to all these questions and more along the various stages of the trail, at the herb garden, in the tree house, along the “Cool” trail or in the “Forest of Wonder” – as well as straight onto your smart phone using the QR codes supplied. Incidentally, the various stages were awarded with the gold innovation prize for „Ideas and Nature“ and „Best Offer for Children”.