After 40 successful years of operation, the 3-seater chairlift was removed from the Arlenmähdern on the Schindlergrat (Schindlergratbahn) after the end of the last winter season.
A state-of-the-art monocable gondola lift with 68 gondolas, each accommodating up to ten people, will replace the previous facility from the winter season 19/20.
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The new railway takes its exit about 30 m south of the previous valley station. This shift creates a comfortable connection to the existing ski slopes for the guest.
Completely new and extremely attractive options, the new train also offers on the mountain: With basically the same route as before, was built at the place where the mountain station of the 3-seater chairlift, an intermediate exit point. This allows guests to leave the cable car at this point and use the range of departures from here.
If you do not want to get off at the intermediate station but want to continue, you continue for about 420 m in an inclined north-easterly direction to the new mountain station location. This is located near the exit point of the Valluga ski lift and offers an extremely attractive entry to the ski area. From there you can now ski directly on either the ski runs Schindlergrat and Mattun or Valfagehr.
With the new train, which has a production capacity of 2,800 passengers per hour, the company is setting another milestone and guarantees limitless skiing enjoyment in the area of ​​Valluga.