Hiking in the Arlberg: a marvelous experience

St. Anton am Arlberg is a real paradise for walkers. There is a network of paths through picturesque landscape making up a total distance of 300 kilometres, which was awarded the Tyrolean Wandergütesiegel – walkers’ quality seal.

A clearly-marked signposting system gives holidaymakers detailed information about their destination and route, distance, time and difficulty level. As there are so many different hiking routes throughout this extensive network of footpaths, walkers can enjoy the alpine solitude to the full.

We now even have scientific evidence that exercise in the fresh air at moderate altitudes boosts health and physical well-being:

You will only have become truly fascinated by the beauty of nature once you have been accompanied by an authorised mountain guide and have met new people and shared with them a unique experience in the great outdoors. Or even once you have been able to pass on information to others which you have learned from your guide about natural spectacles, flowers, sights of interest in the region, local culinary delicacies.

These are all reasons why you should go hiking with one of our mountain guides. A mountain hiking guide has a much different way of looking at routes and those expert hikers who choose advanced routes will take advantage of the many recommendations that only pro mountain guide can give.

The confidence that a hiking guide can give you about his alpine know-how, his knowledge about the state of the trails and the dangers that could arise on the hike as well as the estimated duration and tempo of the hike and breathing, all contribute to making the hike easy and stress free. Hiking with a guide means that you really will be guided allowing you to switch off and really enjoy your time in the outdoors.

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