EldoRado bike area

EldoRADo – Bike-Areal Verwall

The new Bike-Areal Verwall guarantees fun and action-packed biking
Mountain bikers have the opportunity to sample the delights of the Pump Track for the second time this summer. This track is designed to be ridden by riders “pumping” – creating momentum with up and down body movements – enabling the entire track to be completed without reverting to the use of pedals. Once you get the knack, you feel as if you are gliding over the track.

Riders have the opportunity to prove their prowess on the Northshore Trail, a circuit of banked turns and obstacles.
Natural obstacles such as tree trunks and stones turn the Northshore Trail into a proper challenge, where you feel like you are biking through the middle of a forest.
No matter whether beginner or pro, this course presents a challenge for everyone.

Those who want to enjoy an even greater experience can try out the three drop-offs in varying levels of difficulty, where a feeling of being in flight is guaranteed. There is nothing stopping those who have trained and perfected their skills on the Pump Track and Northshore Trail from trying a little airtime too, when it is all about “Ride & Jump“!
There is a separate children’s obstacle course made specifically with younger bikers in mind, where they can gather their first experiences of using the Bike Areal. Kids can set off on their bikes or pushbikes to make circuits of the course, during which they have to overcome a number of obstacles. This is where little riders will discover a BIG fun factor!

Our E-Trial-Course is another NEW addition!

Riders can test this specially built cross track with the latest KTM E-motocross bikes. Perfect, as an alternative to classic mountain biking or to round off your day in the Bike Areal – fun and action is guaranteed in the saddle of an E-motocross machine.
The entire Verwall Bike Areal is managed by two guides, who are always on hand to provide help and advice. You can bring your own bikes along to use on the Pump Track, Northshore Trail and Drop-Offs. Dirt bikes can also be rented on site. Only on-site rented e-bikes are permitted on the E-Trial-Course.

The Bike-Areal is open during the summer season from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs.