The vie ferrate around St. Anton am Arlberg are internationally renowned.

Nerves of steel, like the cable you hang on, plus courage, stamina, strength and skill, these are all needed by the climbing enthusiasts on the vie ferrate around St. Anton am Arlberg. The holiday region is surrounded by pastures and lush meadows, but also nestles in a rugged mountain world, attracting climbers from throughout the world every year between June and October who look for and find challenges here.

The Arlberg via ferrate is one of the most demanding Alpine tours.

Great physical fitness and inner calm are required by mountain climbers who take on this Arlberg via ferrate. The ca. three kilometres long and up to just under 2,500 metres high route in St. Anton am Arlberg is one of the five prettiest but most difficult Alpine tours. At dizzy heights, the climbers venture along steep rock faces and over narrow ledges, scramble up vertical rock faces and cross craggy ridges. This calls for not just a head for heights but also full climbing equipment including a helmet. The aerial route leads over the Knoppenjochspitze, Lisunspitze, Haizähne and the Weißschrofenspitze. Four to six hours are required for the route, depending on the weather and level of fitness.

The via ferrate is always a treat for experts since, apart from the high Alpine adventure, you are rewarded by terrific views. The breathtaking panorama stretches from the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps in the north over the Stubai and Ötztal Alps as far as the Verwall and Silvretta. The easiest access to the Arlberg via ferrate is from the Vallugagrat cable car station or from the mountain station of the Kapall chairlift.

Arlberger via ferrata
Schnann Gorge and Climbing Practice Course
The wild and romantic Schnann Gorge looms above Schnann to the north – a natural landmark which, with much love and dedication, has been made accessible again to hikers in recent years.

Over the striking rock faces, along the noisy wild mountain torrent, past waterfalls, you have the feeling that the powerful force of nature can also be passed on to you. Roaring, rushing water. A natural wonder which should be experienced. If it is new to you, it is worthwhile hiking through the narrow gorge, with the constant presence of water and changing lighting conditions.

The Schnann Gorge is recommended not only for hiking – it is also worth a climbing trip. You can climb in the climbing practice course at the Schnann Gorge.
Number of routes: 42
Length: 3 rope lengths
Degree of difficulty: 3 – 9
Personal safety equipment is not required as full safety equipment is provided on all routes.
Climbing in Schnann (Information on

Schnanner high rope course

History of the Schnanner Klamm
7 climbing practice courses near the Darmstädter mountain lodge with 58 routes
The St. Anton am Arlberg holiday region has even more to offer mountaineering fanatics: a massive, secure gneiss climbing area has grown up in the recent past around the Darmstädter mountain lodge and the mighty Kuchenspitze (3,148 metres).

Here there are seven climbing practice courses with a total of 58 routes in the immediate vicinity of the DAV (German Alpine Club) lodge.
If you have any doubts as to your own capabilities, we recommend going with a mountain guide. The “Alpinschule St. Anton am Arlberg”, beside the Arlberg Climbing Route, also offers tours to the Patteriol, the Kuchenspitze and the Roggspitze in the Lechtal Alps. You climb roped up to a tested and certified mountain guide with profound knowledge of the local mountains, freeing you of all worry and enabling you to enjoy your adventure to the fullest.
Click HERE to visit the Darmstädter Hütte website for more information about the Climbing Practice Course.
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