stanton park – Freestyle Ski & Snowboard

Freestyle action in the fun park

And park fans really do get more bangs for their buck at stanton park.
With two ski lifts serving this unique freestyle garden, you can quickly get up and down, and up again, without waiting in long queues.
And because it’s so close to Rendl mountain station, and its famous ‘beach’, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to relax and kick back in.
And, of course, Rendl Beach, with its terraces overlooking the park, is the perfect spot to catch some rays from above while checking out some moves from the freestylers below

stanton park

stanton park a superlative contest location

Starting from the Rendl mountain station, the park area extends over three areas that guarantee freestyle fun for every level of ability.
The Proline has big kickers, and lots of rails and boxes. The medium kicker line in the centre offers jumps between 7 and 11 metres and various jibs.
On the jibline, snowboarders can let off steam on various boxes and rails. In addition, the park’s designer, Jure Gradic, and his shape crew regularly vary its design.
This interplay of innovative park design, unique arena flair and optimal integration of the park into the existing mountain terrain make stanton park a superlative contest location, which is why it ranks in the top 3 of Europe’s best snow parks.